Interact with your infrastructure via Slack

Pliant allows organizations to leverage slack for not only communication between teams, but monitoring of infrastructure and orchestrating workflows on infrastructure.

Orchestrate complex workflows and communicate from one window.

Slack allows organizations to have a single-window where multiple team members can contribute at once.

Since Pliant has integrations into the cloud and on-premise infrastructure already, it is the perfect platform to drive the changes to infrastructure executed in Slack.

See in Action

Real-Time Communication and Response with Pliant.

Integrate workflows into the Slack channel with a Pliant slack bot and allow typing of commands directly in the chat window.

The slackbot will execute workflows in Pliant and return the result of the command back to the slack channel in real-time for the entire team to see, meaning both on-shift and off-shift personnel can look directly into the slack channel for situational awareness.

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