Performance & ITSM

Modern monitoring solutions allow us to collect unprecedented amounts of data. Whether it is time series, flow, packet or log – this data gives us great insight into the operation of our IT infrastructure. All those terabytes of data are nothing but an intellectual curiosity, however, unless they enable us to take action that will result in better performance, higher uptime and lower MTTR.

The fact is that monitoring and ITSM solutions do not fully address problem resolution. Once an event or alert is generated – the process of resolving in remains manual, time-consuming and prone to error. Furthermore – the process of resolving a repetitive issue is rarely captured, resulting in time being wasted ‘rediscovering’ the solution and often inconsistent fixes.

Pliant rpa robotic process automation

Taking advantage of the high-quality events generated by modern monitoring and ITSM systems, Pliant allows users to build automated workflows that can address repetitive tasks accelerating resolution, freeing up resources, and massively reducing the number of escalations. It also increases quality by ensuring a consistent best-practices approach and increases transparency by providing built-in action logging.

Pliant ITSM workflow

By eliminating repetitive busy-work, and handling the majority of repetitive events generated by monitoring and ITSM systems, Pliant allows engineers to focus their attention on true outliers as well systemic improvements of the services instead of firefighting.

Pliant automatic ITSM provisioning

Last but not least – Pliant helps with automatic provisioning of monitoring and ITSM systems. As new devices and services are added to the infrastructure, Pliant workflows can ensure consistent and ubiquitous monitoring and eliminate the myriads of internal tickets being passed between silos, slowing down time-to-market and increasing the chances of simple human error.

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